Chinese Art History Resources: Six Dynasties Period (220-589)

Three Kingdoms
  • Wei (220-265)
  • Shu (221-263)
  • Wu (222-280)
  • Jin Dynasty
  • Western Jin (265-316)
  • Eastern Jin( 317-420)
  • Southern Dynasties
  • Liu-Song (420-479)
  • S. Qi (479-502)
  • Liang (502-557)
  • Chen (557-589)
  • Northern Dynasties
  • N. Wei (386-534)
  • E. Wei (534-550)
  • W. Wei (535-557)
  • N. Qi (550-577)
  • N. Zhou (557-581)
  • Source: Taoism and the Arts of China, p. 11, Art Institute of Chicago, 2000

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    Six Dynasties - Web Resources
    Buddhism in China. BuddhaNet
    Buddhist Grottoes. Ulrich Theobald
    Cave Temples. Patricia Buckley Ebrey, University of Washington
    China, 500-1000 AD. Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Compassionate Serenity in Stone. Betty Wang
    Dunhuang. Roderick Whitfield
    Dunhuang Art. Duan Wenjie, tr. Tan Chung. Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi
    Grottoes and Caves.
    The Imperial Era. Leon Poon
    The International Dunhuang Project.
    Monuments of China (Mike Gunther)
      • Kizil Grottoes
      • Longmen Grottoes
      • Mogao Grottoes
      • Simen Ta
      • Tianlongshan Grottoes
      • Yungang Grottoes
    Return of the Buddha: The Qingzhou discoveries. Freer and Sackler Galleries
    Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Wikipedia
    The Silk Road. Oliver Wild, University of California at Irvine
    Three Kingdoms, Jin, and Southern & Northern Dynasties.
    Three Kingdoms, Jin, and Southern & Northern Dynasties. Ulrich Theobald

    Six Dynasties - Museum Collections
    Beilin Museum, Xi'an (Mike Gunther)
    Boston Museum of Fine Arts
    Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Minneapolis Institute of Arts
    Shanxi Provincial Museum (Mike Gunther)

    Six Dynasties - Image Links (click inside)
    Spirit Jar 3c
    Western Jin
    Celadon Jar 3c
    Three Kingdoms
    Water Dropper
    Celadon Jar 5-6c
    S. Dynasties
    Celadon Jar
    Six Dynasties
    Six Dynasties
    Shakyamuni 6c
    Northern Qi
    Shakyamuni 6c
    Northern Qi
    Miniature Stupa
    Northern Wei
    Maitreya Triad
    Northern Wei
    Buddha 5c
    Northern Wei
    Buddha 5-6c
    Northern Wei
    Bodhisattva 6c
    Northern Wei
    Offering Shrine 6c
    Northern Wei
    Siddhartha 6c
    Northern Wei
    Maitreya, 524
    Northern Wei
    Buddha Triad
    Northern Wei
    Buddha Triad 6c
    Eastern Wei
    Kuan-yin, 530
    Eastern Wei
    Model Cart

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