Chinese Art History Resources: Zhou Dynasty

Western Zhou1040-771 BC
Eastern Zhou770-256 BC
  • Spring and Autumn Period
  • 770-476 BC
  • Warring States Period
  • 475-221 BC

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    Zhou Dynasty - Web Resources
    Chinese History - Zhou Dynasty. Ulrich Theobald
    The Chou. Richard Hooker, Washington State University
    Confucius. Kelley L. Ross, Los Angeles Valley College
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    Treasures from a Lost Civilization: Ancient Chinese Art from Sichuan (list of works). Seattle Art Museum
    The Zhou Dynasty, Early Confucianism, and Early Daoism. Gregory James Smits, Pennsylvania State University
    Zhou Dynasty. Wikipedia
    The Zhou Period and The Hundred Schools of Thought. Leon Poon

    Zhou Dynasty - Museum Collections
    Art Institute of Chicago: Gallery 131b and  Gallery 132
    Asia Society Museum of New York
    Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
    Boston Museum of Fine Arts
    British Museum
    Western Zhou dynasty and Eastern Zhou dyansty. Cleveland Museum of Art
    Freer and Sackler Galleries
    Los Angeles County Museum of Art
    Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Minneapolis Institute of Arts
    Museums in China: Bronze Age. Mike Gunther
    National Palace Museum, Taipei

    Zhou Dynasty - Image Links (click inside)

    1. Western Zhou
    Cong 1122-771 Ding 11c Ding 10c Ding Fang Ding Gui 11c Gui
    Jia Lei 10c-8c Fang Lei 1040-1000 Nao You 11c You 11c Yu 11c
    Zhong 9c Zhong Zun 11c Zun Zun

    2. Spring and Autumn Period
    Openwork Ding Dou 6-5c Finial 1000-500 Finial 7-5c Gourd-shaped Vessel Gui early 6c He 7-6c
    . Gold Hilt 6-5c Model House Hu 7-6c Hu 6-5c Hu Jar 6-4c Pan
    Singer Zhong c.550 Zhong early 5c Zun 6-5c

    3. Warring States Period
    Altar Bian early 5c Bowl Coffin Coffin 316 Coffin 430 Cups
    Dancer 480-221 Deer Drum Drum Stand 3c Drum Stand 5c Dui 4-3c Flask 4c
    Guardian 4c Lei 4c Mirror 4c Ornament 4-3c Plate Stand 5-3c Servant Tiger Tally
    Zhong 430 Zhong Zun-Pan 430

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