Chinese Art History Resources: Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911)

Qing Dynasty Emperors
Shunzhi 1644-1661
Kangxi 1662-1722
Yongzheng 1723-1735
Qianlong 1736-1795
Jiaqing 1796-1820
Daoguang 1821-1850
Xianfeng 1851-1861
Tongzhi 1862-1874
Guangxu 1875-1908
Xuantong 1909-1911

Source: Taoism and the Arts of China, p. 11, Art Institute of Chicago, 2000

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Qing Dynasty - Web Resources
China from Ming to Qing. Frank E. Smitha
Chinese Homes and Chinese Gardens. Patricia Buckley Ebrey
Ch'ing China. Richard Hooker, Washington State University
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Qing Dynasty.
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The Qing Empire 1644-1799 and Qing Decline 1799-1875. Sanderson Beck
The Rise of the Manchus. Leon Poon

Qing Dynasty - Museum Websites
Asia Society Museum
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Boston Museum of Fine Arts
British Museum
Cleveland Museum of Art
Detroit Institute of Arts
Freer and Sackler Galleries
Kimbell Art Museum
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art:
  • China, 1600-1800 A.D.
  • China, 1800-1900 A.D.
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
National Palace Museum, Taiwan:
  • Paintings
  • Ceramics
Tokyo National Museum

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1. Qing Dynasty - Ceramics and Decorative Arts
Famille Verte
Yellow Bowl
Famille Rose
Famille Rose
Doucai Vase
Millle Fleurs Vase
Enamelled Vase
Tea Dust Glazed Vase Dragon Robe
Horn Cup 18c
Jade Mountain
Jade Mountain 1784
Coral Snuff
Bottle 18c
Water Dropper
Jade Cabbage

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