Chinese Art History Resources: Qin and Han Dynasties

Qin Dynasty221 BC - 206 BC
Western Han206 BC 9 AD
Wang Mang923 AD
Eastern Han25-220 AD

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Qin and Han Dynasties - Web Resources
China's Wall Less Great in View from Space. NASA
The Chinese Empire. Richard Hooker, Washington State University
The Golden Age of Chinese Archaeology: Early Imperial China. National Gallery of Art
The Great Wall. Ulrich Theobald
The Great Wall of China. Ellie Crystal
The Great Wall of China.
Han Dynasty. Ulrich Theobald
The Imperial Era. Leon Poon
Legalism, Qin Empire, and the Han Dynasty. Sanderson Beck
Legalism, The World of Thought in the Han Dynasty, and Later Daoism. Gregory James Smits, Pennsylvania State University
Monuments of China (Mike Gunther), especially:
  • The Beilin Museum
  • The Flying Horse of Gansu
  • The Terra-Cotta Warriors
  • The Tomb of Lady Dai
  • The Yangling Mausoleum
Qin Dynasty and Han Dynasty.
Qin Dynasty and Han Dynasty. Wikipedia
Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses.
The Rise and Fall of the Qin Dynasty. Peter Nepstad
Tomb of Liu Sheng. Patricia Buckley Ebrey et al., University of Washington

Qin and Han Dynasties - Museum Collections
Asia Society Museum of New York
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Art Institute of Chicago
Boston Museum of Fine Arts
British Museum
Western Han and Eastern Han. Cleveland Museum of Art
Detroit Institute of Arts
Freer and Sackler Galleries
Western Han and Eastern Han. Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Monuments of China: Qin-Han. Mike Gunther

Chin and Han Dynasties - Image Links (click inside)

1. Qin and Western Han, 221 BC - 24 AD
Amphora Archer Attendant Cowrie Container Cup Dancer Dark Warrior
Dish Foot Soldiers Funeral Banner Hu Hu Jade Cup Jade Shroud
Mat Weight Mirror Oil Lamp Oil Lamp Party Seal Vase
Wine Warmer Wine Warmer

2. Eastern Han, 25 AD - 220 AD)
Censer Drummer Drummer Guard Dog Flying Horse Standing Horse Inkstone Cover
Lacquered Box Model House Model Tower Money Tree Musicians Pottery Lamp Tomb Acrobats
Tomb Door Tomb Guardian Tomb Relief

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