Chinese Art History Resources: Early Bronze Age1

Xia2200-1600 BC
Shang1600-1040 BC
Shang1750-1040 BC

Late Shang (Anyang)1300-1040 BC

1All dates tentative; existence of Xia dynasty is generally accepted in China, although questioned in the West.
2In the image links below, this superscript indicates a Late Shang bronze.
3"Gong" (Pinyin, first tone) is frequently spelled "Guang" in English.
4By pure coincidence, "pan" is spelled the same in Pinyin as in English.

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Shang Dynasty - Web Resources
Ancient China: The Shang Dynasty. Richard Hooker, Washington State University.
Ancient Dynasties. Leon Poon
Chinese History - Shang Dynasty. Ulrich Theobald
Chinese Ritual Bronze Vessels. Ulrich Theobald
The Golden Age of Chinese Archaeology: Bronze Age China. National Gallery of Art
History of China: Shang Dynasty.
Monuments of China: Bronze Age. Mike Gunther
Oracle bone. Wikipedia
The Shang Dynasty. Gregory James Smits, Pennsylvania State University
The Shang Dynasty (excerpt). Selena Lai and Waka Takahashi Brown
Shang Dynasty. Wikipedia
Shang Tomb of Fu Hao. Patricia Buckley Ebrey et al., University of Washington
Shang, Zhou, and the Classics. Sanderson Beck

Shang Dynasty - Museum Collections
Art Institute of Chicago
Asia Society Museum of New York
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Boston Museum of Fine Arts
British Museum
Cleveland Museum of Art
Freer and Sackler Galleries
Hunan Provincial Museum. Google Art Project
Jinsha Museum. Google Art Project
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Museums in China: Bronze Age. Mike Gunther
National Palace Museum, Taipei

Shang Dynasty - Image Links (click inside)

1. Bronze Vessels
Bu Bu Bu2 Bu2 Ding 15c-14c Ding2 Fang Ding
Fang Ding Gong3 Gong3 Gong2,3 Gong2,3 Gu2 Gu2
Hu2 Jue 18c-16c Jue2 Lei Lei2
Scoop Zun Zun Zun Zun2 Zun2 Zun2

2. Other Shang Period Artifacts
Oracle Bone Cowrie Gui Stem Cup Stand Axe Dagger
Bi Statue2 Face2 Axe Face Ivory Goblet2 Bo Zhong2

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