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Note: Romanizations of Chinese names on this page follow the preference of the link target. For example, "Shen Zhou" and "Shen Chou" below are the same person, as are "Tung Ch'i-ch'ang" and "Dong Qichang."

4. Ming Dynasty - Painting (click inside)
Daoist Sutra
Lofty Mt. Lu
Shen Chou
Scholar Seated Under a Tree
Wu Wei
Li Zai
Birds and Flowers of Early Spring
Yin Hong
T'ao Ku Presenting a Lyric to Ch'in Jo-lan
T'ang Yin
Jade Emperor
Zhong Kui
Spring Morning in the Han Palace
Ch'iu Ying
Solitary Angler on a Wintry River
Zhu Duan

A Poet Contemplating a Waterfall
Chang Lu
Hall of Daytime Elegance
Chen Shun
Wintry Trees
Wen Zhengming
Old Trees by a Cold Waterfall
Wen Cheng-ming
The Red Cliff
Wen Zhengming
View from the Keyin Pavilion on Paradise Mountain
Wang Wen
Landscape In The Style Of Dong Yuan
Wen Jia
Mountain Studio in Early Summer
Ju Jie
Misty River and Layered Peaks
Ku I-te
Exalted Gathering in the Green Woods
Huang Ts'un-wu
Shady Trees in a Summer Landscape
Tung Ch'i-ch'ang
Steep Mountains and Silent Waters
Dong Qichang
Travellers in Autumn Mountains
Xiao Yun-Cong
Baisha frescoes

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