Chinese Art History Resources: Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911)

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2. Qing Dynasty - Painting (click inside)
After Wang Meng's "Mountain Dwelling on a Summer Day"
Wang Yuanchi
Bamboo and Rock
Jingting Mountains in Autumn
Bamboo, Rock, And Narcissus
Chen Jiayen

Green Mountains and White Clouds
Wu Li
Temple on a Mountain Ledge
After Wang Wei's "Snow Over Rivers and Mountains"
Wang Shimin
Yun Shouping
View Over Streams and Mountains
Wang Hui
Bamboo in Snow
Chang Chien
Landscape Album
Ts'ai Chia
Bamboo and Rocks
Chung Hsieh
Five Pine Trees
Li Shan
Portrait of Duo Lo ca. 1775 Tribute Horses
100 Horses
Flowering Plants
Zhao Zhi-qian

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