Rome before 100 BC

The Etruscans850 BC - 264 BC
The Early Republic509 BC - 100 BC

See also: Ancient Rome Resource Page. For Greek art in Italy, including Italo-Greek vases and Roman copies of Greek sculptures, see Ancient Greece. The end of the Early Republic is often cited as 133 BC (election of Tiberius Gracchus as tribune). For convenience, I've extended it here to the end of the century (107 BC, dictatorship of Marius).

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Image Links (click inside)
Plaques 560-550 Canopic Vase late 6c Sarcophagus 520-510 Apollo of Veii 510 Amphora 510-500 Capitoline Wolf Mars 400-300
Portrait Bust 400-200 Askos 340-300 Portrait Head 300-200 Terracotta Head 300-250 Child 300-250 Minerva 200-100 Sarcophagus 150-140
T.of Portunus ca.100 T.of Hercules ca.100

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