Native Art of North America

Note: these are resources on the art of Native North America in general. For specific regions and cultures, use the navigation links at the bottom of this page.

Native North America - Web Resources
Aboriginal Art Links. Bill Henderson
American Indian Heritage in the National Parks. U.S. National Park Service
American Indians in the Natural World. Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh
Cultures in America. Richard Hooker
Early America, from An Outline of American History. George M. Welling
First Nations in Canada. Wikipedia
Index of Native American Resources on the Internet. WWW Virtual Library
Introduction To The American Indian. Paul E. Pettennude
Inuit. Wikipedia
Native American Art. Wikipedia
Native American Mythology. Encyclopedia Mythica
Native Americans. Ellie Crystal
Timeline of North America. Metropolitan Museum of Art

A Guide to the Native American Graves Repatriation Act. Christopher D. Weston, NEA Office of General Counsel
National NAGPRA Database. National Park Service
Kennewick Man. Wikipedia

Native North America - Museum Collections
Art Institute of Chicago
British Museum
Detroit Institute of Arts
Logan Museum of Anthropology
McCord Museum of Canadian History
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
National Museum of the American Indian
Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology
Saint Louis Art Museum

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