Ancient Near East: 330 BC - 224 AD

Seleucid Empire 323 BC - 64 BC
Parthian Empire
  • Mithridates I
  • 247 BC - 224 AD
  • 171 BC 139 BC
  • Roman Period 64 BC - 330 AD

    Source for dates: Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    (See also: Ancient Near East Resource Page, Hellenistic Age, and Roman Empire.)

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    Roman Near East
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    Roman Near East, cont'd
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    Image Links (click inside)
    Seleucus I
    Iran, 300-280 bc
    Bilingual cippus
    Malta, 2c bc
    Iran, 2c bc/ad
    Iran, 1c bc
    Statuary head
    Susa, 1c ad
    Standing man
    Iran, 1/2c ad
    Iran/Iraq, 2/3c ad
    Iran, 2c ad
    Incense burner
    Yemen, 3c bc
    Funerary stela
    Yemen, 1c bc/ad
    Yemen, 1-2c ad
    Syria, 1c bc
    Divine triad
    Palmyra, 1c ad
    Palmyra, 2c ad
    Syria, 2c ad
    Syria, 231 ad
    Syria, 3c ad

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