Ancient Near East: Iron Age (1200 - 625 BC)

Middle Assyrian dynasty
  • Tiglath-Pileser I
  • 1365-1056 BC
  • 11141076
  • Israelites settle Canaan
  • Unified kingdom (David, Solomon)
  • kingdom of Israel (North)
  • kingdom of Judah (South)
  • 1200 BC
  • 1020-922
  • 922-722
  • 922-586
  • Assyrian Empire
  • Ashurnasirpal II
  • Shalmaneser III
  • Sargon II
  • Sennacherib
  • Ashurbanipal
  • 883-609 BC
  • 883-859
  • 858-824
  • 721-705
  • 704-681
  • 668-627
  • Source for Assyrian dates: Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Source for Hebrew dates: The Jewish Museum

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    Web Resources
    Assyria. Metropolitan Museum of Art
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    Babylonian Proverbs from the Library of Ashurbanipal. George A. Barton
    The Hebrews. Richard Hooker
    Inscription of Tiglath-Pileser I. Tr. H. Rawlinson
    Internet History Sourcebook: Israel. Paul Halsall
    Iron Age. Boston University
    Kingdom of Israel. Bamber Gascoigne
    Palace Reliefs of Assurnasirpal II. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Prayer of Ashurbanipal to Shamash. Tr. unidentified
    Stolen Stones: The Modern Sack of Ninevah. John Malcolm Russell

    Image Links (click inside)
    Cylinder seal
    Assyria, 13c
    Winged Lion
    Ashurnasirpal II
    Statue of
    Ashurnasirpal II
    Sacred tree
    Ashurnasirpal II
    Shalmaneser III
    Tribute bearer
    8th century BC
    "Blue goat"
    8th century BC
    "Taylor" Prism
    Garden party
    Flood tablet
    Ninevah, 7c
    Stele of Sin zir Ibni
    Aleppo, 7c
    Gold cup
    NW Iran
    Assyrian, early 1m
    Board game
    Iran, 11-9c
    Grimacing Mask
    Carthage 7-6c

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