Korean Art History Resources: Joseon (1392-1910)

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Joseon Dynasty - Web Resources
Art of the Joseon Dynasty . Wikimedia Commons
Bamboo & Grapes in Choson Dynasty Painting and Porcelain Decoration. Kumja Paik Kim
Joseon. Wikipedia
Joseon Dynasty Painters. Wikipedia
Joseon Sites in Jeonju, Seoul, etc. Mike Gunther
Kim Hong-do . Koreana, Autumn 2009
Korean Art: Thematic Essays. Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty. Koreana, spring 2009
Traditional Korean Music and Dance. YouTube
Traditional Painting: A Window on the Korean Mind. Korea Foundation

Joseon Dynasty - Image Links (click inside)

1. Painting
15c 1562 late 15c - 16c 17c 1734 18c 18c 18c
1760-1800 late 18c-early 19c 1872 19c n.d. n.d.

2. Joseon - Sculpture and decorative arts
15c 15c late 16c-17c 18c 18c
18c 19c 19c

3. Joseon - Ceramics
15c 15c late 15c 15c-early 16c 15c 16c 16c
17c 17c 17c-18c 18c 18c 19c

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