Korean Art History Resources: Goryeo (918-1392)

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Goryeo Dynasty - Web Resources
Art of the Goryeo Dynasty. Wikipedia
Goryeo. Wikipedia
Goryeo Celadon. Metropolitan Museum of Art
Goryeo Celadon Gallery. Gwangju National Museum
Goryeo Dynasty: Korea's Age of Enlightenment. Asian Art Museum
Jebiwon Buddha and Gwanchoksa Temple. Mike Gunther
What do Goryeo buddhist paintings tell us about Goryeo people? The Korea Times

Goryeo Dynasty - Image Links (click inside)

1. Goryeo - Sculpture, painting, and metalwork
967-1005 10c-11c 10c-11c 14c 14c ca. 1340 ca. 1350-1390
early Goryeo 11c-12c 12c-13c

2. Goryeo - Celadon
12c 1150 12c 12c 12c 12c
12c 12c 12c 12c mid 12c mid 13c late 13c - early 14c

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