Art of India (300 BC - 1000 AD)

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1. Indian Art before 300 AD
Chauri 2c BC replica Earrings 1c BC Reliquary 1c AD Buddha 1c AD Attendant 1-3c Drunken Courtesan 2c Yakshi 2c
Yakshi 2c Maitreya 2c Buddha 2c Buddha 2c Fasting Buddha 2-3c "Atlas" 3c Siddhartha 3c

2. Indian Art 300 - 600 AD
Kubera 4c Buddha 4-5c Buddha 4-5c Krishna Govardhana 4-6c . Varaha early 5c Ganga 5c Vishnu 5c
Vishnu mid 5c Buddha 6c

3. Indian art 600 - 1000 AD
Vishnu 7c Shiva 7-8c Ganesh 8c Chamunda 9c Matsya 9c Buddha 9c Avalokiteshvara 11c

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