Ancient Greece: the Hellenistic Age (323 BC - 27 BC)

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1. Hellenistic Greek Art (3d century B.C.)
Aesculapius 325-300 Portrait c. 300 Funerary Urn c. 300 Cameo 300-200 Krater 300-200 Dancer 300-100 Askos 270-200

2. Hellenistic Greek Art (2d century B.C. and later)
Nike 200-150 Nike c. 190 Sophocles? 2d c. Alexander 2c-1c Socrates 200BC-100AD Rider c. 140 Venus de Milo c. 100
Warrior c. 100 Aphrodite c. 100 Portrait Head c. 80

3. Roman Copies of Hellenistic Greek Sculptures
Aphrodite Companion of Odysseus Homer Laocoon Thorn-puller Dying Gaul

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