Art of Prehistoric Europe

Upper Paleolithic (Europe) 45,000 BC - 10,000 BC
  • Chauvet Cave
  • 30,000 BC
  • Lascaux Cave
  • 17,000 BC
  • Altamira Cave
  • 15,000 BC
    Mesolithic (Europe) 10,000 BC - 7,000 BC
    Neolithic (Europe) 7,000 BC - 1500 BC
  • Temples of Malta
  • 4000 BC - 2500 BC
  • Stonehenge
  • 3100 BC - 1600 BC

    Note: the dates quoted above are subject to innumerable controversies. See the Wikipedia article on Prehistoric Art for a world-wide chronology, and see also Timelines, on this website, for prehistoric art in other geographic regions including Asia, Africa, Egypt, Greece (Cycladic), and North America.

    Prehistoric Europe - Cave Art
    Altamira Cave Paintings. Encyclopedia of Irish and World Art
    Cave Archaeology. Jochen Duckeck
    Cave of Altamira. Wikipedia
    The Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc. French Ministry of Culture
    Chauvet Cave. Bradshaw Foundation
    Chauvet Cave. Wikipedia
    Cueva de Altamira. Cantabria University
    Lascaux. Wikipedia
    Lascaux Cave. Don Hitchcock

    Prehistoric Europe - Megaliths
    Megalith. Wikipedia
    The Megalithic Temples of Malta. Daniel Cilea
    The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Temples of Malta. Bradshaw Foundation
    Prehistoric Temples of Malta. Mike Gunther
    Stonehenge. Wikipedia
    Stone Pages: Web Guide to Megalithic Europe. Paola Arosio & Diego Meozzi
    World-wide Ancient Site Database. The Megalithic Portal

    Prehistoric Europe - Sculpture and Artifacts
    Bone flutes from Hohle Fels. Nicholas J. Conard, Maria Malina, & Susanne C. Munzel
    Cave Paintings and Sculptures. Don Hitchcock
    Ice Age Art. The Bradshaw Foundation
    Lion Man of the Hohlenstein Stadel. Wikipedia
    Lionheaded Figurine. Jochen Duckeck
    Venus Figures from the Stone Age. Don Hitchcock
    Venus Figurines. Wikipedia
    Venus of Willendorf. Christopher L. C. E. Witcombe

    Prehistoric Europe - Image Links (click inside)
    Altamira bison Chauvet horses Lascaux horse Malta Fat Lady Hohle Fels Lion Man Hohle Fels Bone Flute Willendorf Venus

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