Art of Ancient Egypt

Old Kingdom
  • Dynasty 3 (Djoser)
  • Dynasty 4 (Khufu/pyramids)
  • Dynasty 5 (Wenis)
  • Dynasty 6 (Pepi I/II)
  • 2686-2181 BC
  • 2686-2613
  • 2613-2498
  • 2498-2345
  • 2345-2181
  • First Intermediate Period
  • Dynasties 7 & 8
  • Dynasties 9 & 10
  • 2181-2040 BC
  • 2181-2160
  • 2160-2040
  • Source for dates: Peter A. Clayton, Chronicle of the Pharaohs, Thames and Hudson, 1994

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    Old Kingdom - Web Resources
    A Closer Look at the Seated Scribe. Louvre Museum
    Egypt in the Old Kingdom. Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Explore The Pyramids. NOVA Online
    The Fall of the Egyptian Old Kingdom. BBC History
    The Giza Archives Project. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
    The Giza Plateau Mapping Project. Oriental Institute, University of Chicago
    The Lost City of the Pyramid Builders. Ancient Egypt Research Associates
    The Old Kingdom and First Intermediate Period. Jacques Kinnaer
    The Old Kingdom and First Intermediate Period. Ottar Vendel
    Pyramid Finder. Mike Gunther
    Saving Egypt's Oldest Pyramid. National Geographic
    Sphinx and Pyramids. Zahi Hawass

    Old Kingdom - Image Links (click inside)
    Khafre Menkaure Triad Menkaure Menkaure Sahure Pepi II Ka statue
    Ka statue Seated scribe Seated scribe Seneb Nykara Rahotep Rahotep
    Nefertiabet Maaty Meidum geese Model granary Preparing food Using a hoe Grinding grain
    Baking bread Cosmetics vase Cosmetics vase Calcite headrest Faience collar
    Faience bead dress

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