Art of Ancient Egypt

Third Intermediate Period
  • dynasties 21-24
  • Dynasty 25 (Kushite)
  • Dynasty 26 (Saite)
  • 1069-525 BC
  • 1069-715
  • 747-656
  • 664-525
  • Late Dynastic Period
  • Dynasty 27 (Persian)
  • Dynasties 28-30 (native)
  • Dynasty 31 (Persian)
  • 525-332 BC
  • 525-404
  • 404-343
  • 343-332
  • Source for dates: Peter A. Clayton, Chronicle of the Pharaohs, Thames and Hudson, 1994.
    Other authors, and some museums, assign Dynasties 25 and 26 to the Late Period.

    (See also: Egypt resource page)

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    Third Intermediate Period - Image Links (click inside)
    Amun Heryshef Divine Adoratrice Isis and Horus Osiris pendant Necklace Kohl tubes
    Dummy canopic jars Stele of Taperet Sarcophagus Mummy case Mummy case Wooden coffin

    Late Period - Image Links (click inside)
    Mummy mask
    Head of a priest
    Horus falcon Antelope head Seated cat


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