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Note: These are resources on Ancient Egypt in general. For specific periods/dynasties, use the Navigation links at the bottom of this page.

Ancient Egypt - Web Resources

Absolute Egyptology. Ottar Vendel
Akhet Egyptology. Iain Hawkins
The Ancient Egypt Site. Jacques Kinnaer
Ancient Egypt Tombs. Thierry Benderitter & Jon J Hirst
Ancient Egypt Web Site. Simon Hayter
Art History Resources: Ancient Egypt. Chris Witcombe
Digital Egypt for Universities. University College London
Egypt Index. ArtServe (Australian National University)
Egyptian Forgeries from the Kelsey Museum
Egyptological Collections. Wikipedia
Egyptology. Greg Reeder
Egyptology News. Andie Byrnes.
Egyptology Resources. Nigel Strudwick

ETANA. Ancient Near Eastern Archives, now including ABZU
Eternal Egypt. CULTNAT/IBM
Global Egyptian Museum. CIPEG
Guardian's Egypt. Andrew Bayuk
Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology. U. of Memphis
KMT, A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt
Land der Pharaonen (German-language website). Renate Satzke
Learn Hieroglyphics. Robert Cowen, Jr.
Map of Egypt. Oriental Institute of Chicago
Monuments of Egypt. Mike Gunther
Pharaonic Egypt. Andre Dollinger
The Spirits of Nature: Religion of the Egyptians. Ottar Vendal
World Civilizations: Egypt. Richard Hooker

Ancient Egypt - Museum Collections

Boston Museum of Fine Arts
British Museum
Brooklyn Museum
Cleveland Museum of Art
Detroit Institute of Arts
Egyptian Museum (Berlin)
Egyptian Museum (Cairo)
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Museo Egizio (Turin)
Oriental Institute of Chicago
Petrie Museum
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (Leiden)
Saint Louis Art Museum
Vatican Museums
Walters Art Museum

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