Byzantine Art

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Byzantium - Web Resources
Byzantine Art. ArtLex
Byzantine Art and Byzantine Empire. Wikipedia
Byzantine Art History Resources. Chris Witcombe
Byzantine Art Images. WorldImages at California State University
Byzantine Art Images, from Art Images for College Teaching. Allan T. Kohl, Minneapolis College of Art & Design
Byzantine Emperors. De Imperatoribus Romanis (scroll down to "Eastern Empire")
Byzantine Mosaics. Galen R. Frysinger
Byzantine Mosaics. Wikipedia
Byzantine Mosaics in Jordan. Mike Gunther
Byzantine Studies Page. Paul Halsall, Fordham University
Byzantium at the Royal Academy. Royal Academy of Arts, London
Catholic Encyclopedia (1913) articles about Byzantium: Architecture, Art, History, Iconoclasm, and Literature.
Early Christian and Byzantine Art. Rozmeri Basic, University of Oklahoma
The Greek Orthodox Church. Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
Ikons: Windows into Heaven. Bob Atchison
Jewellery-making in Byzantium. Kate Mikou-Karachaliou and the Hellenic Silver- and Goldsmith Centre (ELKA)
Mount Athos: The Holy Mountain. Macedonian Heritage
Orthodox Icons. The Orthodox Christian Foundation
Petra Church and the Blue Chapel in Jordan. Mike Gunther
Romiosini: Hellenism in the Middle Ages
Treasures from Mount Athos. Hellenic Ministry of Culture

Byzantine Art - Museum Collections
British Museum
Cleveland Museum of Art
Dumbarton Oaks
Hermitage Museum
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Walters Art Museum

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