Lintel: Ramayana Scene

South face of sanctuary, Kamphaeng Yai
Baphuon style, 11th century

Above the kala, a monkey converses with a queen and attendants beneath a tree. This might be Hanuman in Lanka, sneaking into Ravana's palace in order to reassure Sita that Rama was coming to her rescue. The single scene (Ramayana or Krishna) is typical of Baphuon style.

The left half of the lintel is, unlike the right, eroded all the way down to the undercutting (curving, slotted lines) of the backdrop, as if this half had been left exposed when the lintel fell (and might also have been damaged by other blocks during the collapse). The slotting appears to be a relic of how the lines were cut. Imagine a chisel whose head is the width of one slot; the craftsman could readily create a line by successive chiseling, then later the connecting slots could themselves be chiseled out to finish the piece; this has been partially done on the right side, where slots outlining the garland are still in place, but the cuts inside have been completed.

The kala on this lintel sports both a lower jaw and an upper jaw, instead of the more usual upper jaw only.