Krishna Subduing Kaliya
Ban Phluang
Baphuon style, 1050-1066

Krishna Subduing Kaliya
Muang Tam
Baphuon style, 11th century

Two Baphuon Style Lintels

A superficial comparison of these lintels, both carved in the 11th century and presenting an identical subject (see: Muang Tam), discloses differences in the treatment of the garland (for example, its thin supporting "pillars," in the case of Ban Phluang), the surround above Krishna's head, and the placement of Krishna's hands and feet relative to the snake. These could be due to regional variation (garland, surround) as well as individual execution (position of hands and feet). Both lintels are assigned to the Baphuon style because of their date and provenance.