Elephant Terrace

Angkor Thom

The huge platform known today as the Elephant Terrace runs from north to south, across the east front of the Royal Palace, for a distance of 300m (almost 1,000') (map). The view here is from the north, looking south. A main road runs from the central point of the terrace, due east to Jayavarman's Victory Gate at the eastern boundary of the city.

Built by Jayavarman VII with additions by later kings, the Elephant Terrace served as the base of the king's audience pavilions (which, being made of wood, have not survived) and reviewing stands. Five staircases (next page), three in the center and one at each end, lead up to the 10' high platform, which is furnished with naga railings as seen above. At the center of the terrace, photo right, is a high rostrum with elephants and a lotus seat (closeup). The main wall of the platform is carved with elephants and garudas (following pages).