Northwest Corner, Preah Ko

Roluos, Cambodia

This is a rear view of the temple, whose main entrance is east on the other side of the platform. Its six towers are arranged in two rows of three. The central front tower, partially obscured in this photo, is encased in scaffolding for restoration (2004).

Dedicated in 880, Preah Ko was the first temple built by Indravarman I in the ancient Khmer capital of Hariharalaya (present-day Roluos). The front three towers are dedicated to Indramarman's predecessors, the central shrine being inscribed for Jayavarman II, the founder of the Khmer empire. Technically, the dedications are to the tutelary divinities of these kings; for example, in the case of Jayavarman II, to Shiva in the form of Parameshvara. The three rear towers are dedicated to their principal queens, again in divine form.