Great Kings Of Sri Lanka

(see also: Timeline Of Sri Lanka)

247 - 207 BC1Devanampiya Tissa Converted to Buddhism at Mihintale; capital at Anuradhapura.
161 - 137 BCDutugemunu Unified Sri Lanka under Sinhalese kingship; capital at Anuradhapura. Ruwanvali Stupa.
473 - 491 ADKasyapa Palace with gardens and apsaras paintings at Sigiriya.
1055 - 1110Vijayabahu I Expelled the Cholas from Sri Lanka; capital at Polonnaruwa; Image House
1153 - 1186Parakramabahu I Golden Age of Polonnaruwa. Parakarama Reservoir, Lankatilaka, Kiri Vihara
1187 - 1196Nissankamalla Last great king of Polonnaruwa. Dambulla, Council Chamber, Lion Throne, Hatadage, Rankot Vihara
1747 - 1782Kirti Sri Led a Buddhist revival; capital at Kandy. Dambulla, Peradiniya Gardens

1Or perhaps, 307-267 BC. For consistency I use 247-207 throughout these pages, although 307-267 is also well-supported. For more information, see the Bibliography and Wikipedia.