The colossal Buddha at Avukana, like his brothers at Lankatilanka and Gal Vihara, was originally enclosed inside an image house, whose walls have been restored up to the first storey; a controversial modern brick enclosure (photo in Insight Guide 1999, p. 243) used to protect the statue from the elements, but was removed sometime before 2004 (the photo on this page was taken in November, 2008). The statue is 11.36m (37ft) high "from the lotus seat to the top of the head" (Jayasuriya, p. 62). Estimates for its age range from the 5th to the 8th century, with the later date considered more likely.

"Avukana" can also be spelled "Aukana." The site is located about 50km (30mi) south of Mihintale.