Tomb of King Jeongjo and Queen Hyoui

Geolleung tomb
Yunggeolleung site
Hwaseong City, Korea

Yunggeolleung, a Joseon royal burial complex in Hwaseong City, contains two burial places: Geolleung and Yungneung1.

Geolleung is the tomb of King Jeongjo, the builder of Hwaseong Fortress, and his queen Hyoui. This photo looks out from Jeongjo's memorial hall (closeup, next page) to his tomb in the background. A tourist fence (midline, in this photo) prevents the tomb from being seen clearly, or indeed hardly at all.

1Yungneung is the tomb of Jeongjo's father, the unfortunate Prince Sado. The two burial places are very much alike, and deliberately so; Yunggeolleung is a prototypical Korean act of Confucian piety, the son honoring the father.