Matsue Castle


Matsue-jo was completed in 1611, near the end of the Muromachi period. It passed to the Matsudaira clan (a junior branch of the Tokugawa) in 1638. In 1875, all of the buildings within the castle were dismantled in accordance with Meiji custom, with the exception of the castle tower itself. The tower underwent a complete reconstruction between 1950 and 1955. Some other areas of the castle, including walls and guard towers of the ninomaru and moats, have also been recreated.

The tower is a complex structure, that appears to be five stories from the outside, but has, in fact, six levels inside. Most of its walls are painted black on the outside. It is a strong structure, built to withstand warfare, yet at the same time majestic and solemn, fitting the Momoyama style.

A springtime view of the tower, with cherry blossoms, is seen here.