Candi Ceto

Surakarta (Solo)
Java, Indonesia

Candi Ceto is located 900 km (a half mile or so) up Mt. Lawu from Candi Sukuh. Built a half-century (second half of the 15th century) after C. Sukuh, it is a much kinder and gentler temple, as can be seen from this humanistic statue on the lower terrace. Compare, for example, a demonic guardian from C. Sukuh, to another statue, from a higher terrace of the present temple. It is not at all certain, though, that the figures seen here are actually guardians; but if not, then what are they?

Visitors to C. Ceto should be aware that its current (mid-1970s) reconstruction has been criticized by scholars, who also note that some of the statues, including the ones seen here, may be more recent than ancient. Never take a restoration for granted!