Svayambhu Temple

Kakatiya Dynasty, 12th-14th century
Warangal Fort, 150km (90mi) NE of Hyderabad

The Kakatiya capital shifted from Hanamkonda to nearby Warangal during the reign of Ganapatideva (1199-1262). Laid out in three concentric rings, the fortified capital was occupied by the Tughluqs in 1323, following the death of the last Kakatiya king. Captured by Vijayanagara in 1510, and by Quli Qutb al-Malik of Golconda in 1532, Warangal eventually passed into the domain of the Nizams of Hyderabad.

A ruined temple of Shiva occupies the geometric center of Warangal Fort. This extensive and picturesque temple site was originally enclosed by a rectangular wall, pierced by four gates at the cardinal directions (north, east, south, and west). The visitor today will see at least one of the original gates, a confusing jumble of partially-reconstructed edifices, and an extended display of pediments, carvings, etc. that were discovered on-site. The photo above was taken from just inside the south entrance, looking north.