Bhubaneshwar Temples

  • Parashurameshvara (15), c. 650
  • Mukteshvara (10), c. 950-975
  • Other Temples (6)

  • Bhubaneshwar (also spelled "Bhubaneshvara") began as the Shailodbhava capital in the 7th century; major temple-building activity continued under the Bhauma Kara (8th century) and Somavamshi (9th-11th century) dynasties. There are also some later temples, from the Eastern Ganga (12th -14th century) and Gajapati (14th-15th century) periods.

    Such a large number of well-preserved temples, many with outstanding sculptural decoration, are a gold mine for researchers and visitors alike, allowing scholars to study the uninterrupted development of Hindu temple architecture in Orissa. Two outstanding examples, from before 1000, are presented above.