Desert Ruins

Jiaohe, Xinjiang
Turpan Regional Map
Jiaohe Site Plan

The desert site of Jiaohe, 10km (6mi) west of Turpan, dates from the Han to Uighur times, a period of about 1500 years, nominally from the 1st century BC through the 14th century AD. It was the capital of Jushi kingdom during Han, then a Gaochang commandery (4c - 6c AD), then a Tang county seat (from 640 AD), gradually declining after the Uighur takeover (10th century)

The site is roughly 1700m (1 mile) east to west, and 300m (1000 ft) wide north to south. The view here looks east, more or less from the center of the site. The photos on the following pages proceed from east to west, except where otherwise noted.