Vast Jeweled Pavilion

Scene 4, Baodingshan, Dazu (map)

Three figures, identified by Howard (p.11) as Zhao1 and two disciples, meditate in a bamboo grove on the legendary continent of Jambudvipa. Behind them, the Vast Jeweled Pavilion manifests as a result of their efforts. The characters "Bao Ding Shan" are inscribed from right to left below the relief. These translate as "Treasure Peak Mountain," or as Howard's title has it, "Summit of Treasures."

1Note: none of the figures conforms to the "standard type" figure of Zhao (example). Chinese scholars have identified the figures as Zhao Zhifeng in youth (right), middle age (center), and old age (left). While this is certainly possible – the age progression in the figures from right to left is evident – the central figure is not dissimilar to Liu Benzun himself (example). This might actually be a triad of Liu, rather than Zhao, in the three stages of life.